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Three Smart Tips for Planning a Baby Shower on a Budget

Plan the perfect baby shower on a budget by choosing the right time of day, snacks, beverages and girl baby shower invitations.

As a savvy party planner you know milestones such as a baby shower need to make a lasting impression. What do you do when you are working with a small budget and limited time? Choose boy baby shower invitations, an in-between meal party time and refreshments that keep your schedule intact and your wallet full of cash. 

The Invite: Making Wise, Hassle Free Invitation Choices

If you’ve ever seen websites such as pinterestfail you know the very real pitfalls of all of the many craft ideas on the Internet. Close your eyes and imagine glue in your hair and snippets of pink and blue paper littering your kitchen. Choosing affordable baby shower invitations at Tickled Pink will quell your fears, won’t muss your hair and gives you a welcome Mom will love. With everything from comic to sleek and modern designs, Tickled Pink has something fitting just for her. Rather than fighting your printer or trying to master calligraphy, opt for invitation personalization services. These time-savers put you ahead of the game and leave you ample time to solidify a perfect shower plan.

Time of Day Saves Money on Snacks & Treats

Food costs can often be the most expensive piece of your budget puzzle. Avoiding lunch and dinner hours will save you some serious coin. Look at a time of day which is between major meal times. For instance, garden and tea party themed showers can be held between 1:00pm and 4:00pm, while parties including cocktails or featuring a contemporary twist, should be held between 7:00pm and 10:00pm. Invitees will arrive nourished and ready for a treat half-way through the party. Daytime shower menus may include finger sandwiches akin to those of English teatime, and petit fours, which can be purchased at a local bakery. For evening gatherings, look toward tasty snacks such as warm spinach dip in a bread bowl with a sliced baguette and a gorgeous diner cake, which is nice and tall and can be sliced thinly without giving the appearance of skimping.

Look Past the Punch Bowl

Glass pitchers showcase scrumptious ingredients while giving the appearance of abundance. Try a cucumber water with a citrus fruit for a refreshing thirst quencher. You will only be picking up a few fresh cucumbers, oranges or lemons and your water tap will do the rest. When including a cocktail, give mojitos or wine spritzers a spin in your glass pitcher. The muddled mint of a mojito adds a pop of color while adding fresh berries to a wine spritzer will make guests salivate.

These time and money saving tips can make you look like a baby shower planning pro and make Mom feel like she’s attending a top-notch event.  Creating a simple plan can equal big rewards. Everyone will be impressed with your savvy style and asking you for planning tips.