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Note Cards

Fill your desk with a collection of well-designed note cards and start shopping right here. You will love looks for grown-ups and kids that boast the creative designs of our genius artisans. Whether you are planning a party or just like to have cards on hand, we have something just perfect in this exceptional assortment of designer cards. Once you receive your selection, you will want to choose special cards for every occasion and every season. Your friends will be so glad that you still practice the art of letter writing and have impeccable manners.

Personalized note cards are a must have for the busy gal who likes to keep in touch with friends and family. Choose from an array of motifs from classy and elegant to hip and chic, you will find cards that showcase your personality and your name. Brighten someone’s day when you send a hand written note through the mail. They will be so excited you wrote. We even have an assortment of kids note cards personalized for your little writers. Surprise your kids with a brightly colored card with theirs names on it. Kids will have a blast writing letters to friends at school and even grandma and grandpa.

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Mason Jar with Flowers Note Card

Pretty White Bow on Blue Note Card

Lace Value Note Card

Teddy Bear Boy Note Card

Pewter Wrought Iron

Pink Primrose

Colette Note Card

Mason Jar Lanterns Note Card

Pewter Botanical w/Ribbon Pattern Band

Grey Lace

Grand Opera Note Card

Elephant Blue Note Card

Wide Stripe Pink Cross Note Card

Pewter Botanical with Ribbon Pattern Note Card

Peace Note Card

Your Highness Note Card

Pink Cross

Elephant Pink Note Card

Giraffe Blue Note Card

Go For Baroque Note Card

Wood Grain Monogram Note Card

Orange Rope Cross Border

Fancy Damask Navy with Kiwi Band Note Card

Special Pink and Brown Note Card

Simple Blue/Lime Stripes Note Card

Pink Bride Note Card

Navy/Magenta Greek Key Border

Puppy Dog Note Card

Pink Damask Medallion & Border

Mod Squad Note Card

Driftwood Eyelet

Sailboat Note Card

Sports Fan Note Card

Gold Wedgewood Note Card

What's Your Motif? Note Card

Simple Pink/Lime Stripes Note Card

Pewter Elegant Note Card

Lil' Lady Note Card

Green Glory Note Card

Pewter Border Fancy Back

Spot On Note Card

Lime Lattice Ribbon with Turquoise/Navy Stripe Note Card

Fancy Wrought Iron Mint

Vintage Birds Note Card

Pink Gator Note Card

Blue Gator Note Card

Retro Pink/Green Flowers Note Card

Multi-Cultural Party Diva Flat Note Card

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Thank you cards are always at the top of the list for the savvy party planner and are great to have on hand when someone surprises you with a gift or helping hand. It’s always nice to say, “Thank you” and these cards will help you do that in grand style. Whether you are throwing a party for a grown-up, a child or special occasion, we have cheap note cards to match or complement your selected invitation in this collection.  Kids thank you cards offer an assortment of styles that speak to kids. Share personal notes with anyone who has gone out of the way for you or your child. When your child sends off thank you cards after a birthday party to her friends, Moms and Dads will be in awe of her manners.

Note cards are printed on our finest quality, heavy weight cardstock in rich, beautiful colors. For selections that you would like to personalize, simply upload your name or the name of the person who will be using the cards, into our system. Your personalized cards will arrive in your mailbox ready to use. Your friends will want to know just where you got those fab cards. We’d love it if you shared your Tickled Pink secret.